7 Month update

August 2014

Almost 7 months now. We are so thrilled that baby girl is doing great and right on schedule. Thus far my pregnancy has been smooth sailing. This entire pregnancy has been thankfully uneventful. No morning sickness, no cravings, etc. I DO get tired; feeling extremely exhausted. I’ve gained 30 pounds and feel so big.  sigh.

When I posted a 7th month pic wearing my NY Giants shirt this was by far my favorite response from a friend I’ve known forever.

“Please, please, please…..do not raise that girl to be a Giants, Yankees, Mets or Knicks fan. That ‘s just cruel and unusual punishment for the soon to be arriving princess….. HA HA !”

NO NY GIANTS? Yah right. Our poor baby girl has a “New Yorker” for a mom. She won’t have a choice.

My friend in Jersey reiterated that same sentiment exactly through the gift she sent us in the mail.

GO G-MEN!!!!

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