Arizona Trip

JULY 2014

So we had to take off to Arizona for a weekend visit. The worst time of year because it reaches 118 degrees. I embrace the heat; always did. And oddly enough, despite being pregnant – I still fully enjoyed this hot oven covered state.

Another exciting moment for us had occurred during our routine ultrasound. We found out we are having a girl!! ‘ SO ELATED!!! Of course we had to celebrate by going out and grabbing some ice cream. Tucker our dog came for the ride and while stuck in traffic we entertained ourselves….because… we are just ecstatic and…. weird. 🙂

Truth be told, we were quite shocked to know it was a girl since we were initially told a month prior it was more likely a boy. After hearing that, Ryan immediately picked out the paint colors and I stepped back and let him enjoy decorating the nursery. A love for saltwater fish we decided on a sea theme with light blue walls. Oops. I guess we jumped the gun. A boy or girl we are elated; all we want is a healthy baby. It makes no difference to us. When a friend heard we were having a girl, she posted this on my FB page.

Love it.

Well,….. time to go to the store and pick up some pink paint and figure out a new plan of action.

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