Erin arrival

Friday, November 7 – weighing just 5 pounds and 3 ounces and measuring at 17 inches long – our precious jewel had arrived.

The moment I held Erin, I couldn’t stop sobbing. She was so early and yet she was so perfect! So small, so beautiful and so healthy, I nuzzled and kissed her. Her little eyes looked up at me. So overwhelmed with joy I could only say to her, “ We’ve been waiting for you.”Every moment of heartbreak. Every month of devastation and continuous tears, frustration and anger was all worth it. I honestly believe this baby was meant to arrive at the time she did. I honestly believe she is a gift from God and our miracle baby. A baby we adore and love so much. A baby we might not have had and missed out on if we had given up.

Erin Julie-Anna.

I knew her onesie would be too big, but I couldn’t resist.





Labor Pains

November 4th

Well I guess I am in the 10 percent…no guessing this evening…..let the labor pains begin.

I woke up from an afternoon nap and discovered my water broke. Baby Erin has decided to join us in the world a few weeks early.

Just a side note: I thought when my water would break, it would be just one gush of water and that’s it. No. For me, the water just kept coming. When I arrived at the hospital I was leaving a trail of water behind only to apologize profusely. “I’m so sorry. Please put up a wet floor sign so no one slips and falls.”

In labor for 36 hours, the baby wasn’t able to get past my hip bone to get through the canal. I had to have an emergency C-section. Ryan all suited up, ready to go was more than eager to finally meet our little one.

It was a smooth C-section; just a weird sensation of pulling and yanking. I was preparing myself for much worse, but it was maybe 15 minutes, I suddenly heard the sounds of our baby crying. Ryan and I both couldn’t help but cry as well. Her cry was the most beautiful sound in the world. It all felt surreal especially when Ryan looked at me with a broad smile “We did it babe! We are FINALLY parents!! ”






OB/GYN visit

November 4th

So, while at my OB/GYN today I said to him, “Ryan told me that only 10% of women have their water break.” He said, “That is correct.” I then asked him, “So, if my water doesn’t break, how will I know if I’m going into labor?” He smiled. “Trust me. You can’t miss it.”

Great! His smile and wink didn’t assure me that what the future held in store was going to be pleasant! After my appointment I couldn’t help but grab a chocolate shake and two tacos. All the anticipation must be making me hungry…..



Halloween Party!

November 2014

Baby Erin is set to arrive between November 30 through December 3.  I have some of her clothes washed and put away. I have diapers, bottles, breast pump and all that organized and her room is just waiting for her arrival. We are definitely in the home stretch. Good thing because my legs have swollen so much….they look like huge pillows with some feet. It would be a concern I guess if my blood pressure went up….but its still low like always. I will add though, it was a bit scary at times when they swelled up in a way I didn’t think possible. On November 1, Ryan and I attended a Halloween party. (Our friends wanted to have their party on a Saturday night instead of Friday the 31st)

Trying to utilize my pregnancy in a fun way I went as a pregnant nun and Ryan went as a priest!


Nearly there!

October 2014

Not much longer now. Just over a month to go. I cannot wait to meet our baby girl. I want her here already.  I designed a pink onesie for her and it arrived in the mail today; a onesie I plan to keep in her baby book. I LOVE HOW IT CAME OUT!  I love

So a good friend of mine planned a baby shower. I wasn’t sure if I really wanted a baby shower, especially since there was one already thrown for me while visiting in NY. It felt…..I don’t know… greedy. And being older, a baby shower  this stage in life seemed …sort of silly.

Honestly, I would have been happy with a simple get together with friends & good food. That ‘s it. But my friend insisted. “It’ll be fun. I promise.”

Because I wanted Ryan to be a part of it we went with a co-ed baby shower. And because men would attend and it’s football season – a football themed baby shower seemed appropriate. Everyone wear their favorite team’s colors and/or jersey.

Everything was football, with a touch of pink. We also had cake made to look like the NY GIANTS football field. I absolute loved it.

To add more pink to the décor, we set up a candy station filled with pink candy everyone could treat themselves to.  We offered a variety of food and also added a photo poser of a football player just to be silly.

Both men and women and their families arrived and it was a wonderful, fun baby shower. A baby shower filled with fabulous friends and so much love. We feel so blessed and grateful.

Another fantastic highlight was hanging out with some of my girlfriends after the shower.  Busy schedules prevents us from seeing each other.

“Post baby shower; us girls hanging out afterwards till all hours catching up. So fun!”

We laughed so much and had such a fantastic time… it prompted “girls night” once a month from that point on. Every woman needs a “girls night”