Erin arrival

Friday, November 7 – weighing just 5 pounds and 3 ounces and measuring at 17 inches long – our precious jewel had arrived.

The moment I held Erin, I couldn’t stop sobbing. She was so early and yet she was so perfect! So small, so beautiful and so healthy, I nuzzled and kissed her. Her little eyes looked up at me. So overwhelmed with joy I could only say to her, “ We’ve been waiting for you.”Every moment of heartbreak. Every month of devastation and continuous tears, frustration and anger was all worth it. I honestly believe this baby was meant to arrive at the time she did. I honestly believe she is a gift from God and our miracle baby. A baby we adore and love so much. A baby we might not have had and missed out on if we had given up.

Erin Julie-Anna.

I knew her onesie would be too big, but I couldn’t resist.





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