Nearly there!

October 2014

Not much longer now. Just over a month to go. I cannot wait to meet our baby girl. I want her here already.  I designed a pink onesie for her and it arrived in the mail today; a onesie I plan to keep in her baby book. I LOVE HOW IT CAME OUT!  I love

So a good friend of mine planned a baby shower. I wasn’t sure if I really wanted a baby shower, especially since there was one already thrown for me while visiting in NY. It felt…..I don’t know… greedy. And being older, a baby shower  this stage in life seemed …sort of silly.

Honestly, I would have been happy with a simple get together with friends & good food. That ‘s it. But my friend insisted. “It’ll be fun. I promise.”

Because I wanted Ryan to be a part of it we went with a co-ed baby shower. And because men would attend and it’s football season – a football themed baby shower seemed appropriate. Everyone wear their favorite team’s colors and/or jersey.

Everything was football, with a touch of pink. We also had cake made to look like the NY GIANTS football field. I absolute loved it.

To add more pink to the décor, we set up a candy station filled with pink candy everyone could treat themselves to.  We offered a variety of food and also added a photo poser of a football player just to be silly.

Both men and women and their families arrived and it was a wonderful, fun baby shower. A baby shower filled with fabulous friends and so much love. We feel so blessed and grateful.

Another fantastic highlight was hanging out with some of my girlfriends after the shower.  Busy schedules prevents us from seeing each other.

“Post baby shower; us girls hanging out afterwards till all hours catching up. So fun!”

We laughed so much and had such a fantastic time… it prompted “girls night” once a month from that point on. Every woman needs a “girls night”

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